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The rapid development of information technology drives

The rapid development of information technology drives

2018/12/15 22:25
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I don't know when the four words "Intelligent Network Union" suddenly broke into the automotive industry, a variety of intelligent solutions, automatic driving technology, Internet technology and other cool black technology emerge in endlessly. Due to the rapid development of information technology, the automotive industry is also undergoing tremendous changes. In the future, everyone's way of travel will be redefined, and automobiles are moving towards intelligent control. Human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and other fields. 1. Cancel steering wheel and pedal Google started its driverless project in 2009 and has been synonymous with driverless cars for a long time. Not long ago, Google announced that its driverless car has completed more than 3 million kilometers of driving distance, equivalent to 300 years of human driving experience. Google's driverless car can be divided into two parts, a self-designed prototype car and a test car based on parts of Lexus and Chrysler. The former is mainly used to study the true sense of driverless technology, while the latter is to explore the possibility of sharing cars and intelligent transformation using existing models.